portrait of Christelle weaving

What we do

Christelle tells stories while weaving and  dyeing. Ubuntu Fibres tells stories of people, our environment and our connection to each other, with respect to African art. She designs the story to be told first. Then, she proceeds to weaving, an ancestral skill of turning individual threads into whole cloths in various patterns. She also dyes using various techniques, especially wax dye.

The final cloth can be converted and/or used for various purposes.

Homewares and home decor

From tea towels, to table runners and wall hanging artworks, let your stories be told in colours, shapes and emotions anywhere in your home.

Wearable art

The cloth we make can be worn in any way your heart or needs  guide you. Between shawls, cowls, scarfs, baby wraps or ring slings, you have options with various fibre combinations that would suit your needs, aesthetics and budget.

For whom

Anyone around the world deserves to feel the Ubuntu perspective. For everyone who has something to say, something or someone to remember…

Christelle ships across the world. Babywearing products cannot be sent to the USA because of local regulations; however, long shawls of any length can and buyers should be responsible in how they use it.

The Atelier

Christelle creates her magic at home in her atelier, on a little farm in rural south west of France. She weaves on an 8 shafts countermarche loom named Beatrix Kiddo. She uses kid-safe dyes as well as beeswax for her dye work. She has views of indescribable beauty from the atelier.